High quality production for world famous brands


Founded 1988 by Yaşar Eşgin.

”I love what I do”

… says Mr. Eşgin after 30+ years

  • 6000 sqm facility incl. sample production
  • 120 passionate team members
  • 600 designer samples per month
  • Cemsel controls the complete garment-cycle
  • Own Fabric and Print factories
  • Extensive network of own production factories



  • Creativity, Quality, Trust, Empathy
  • Commitment
  • Excitement, Innovation
  • Speed & Precision
  • Family Business
  • Social Engagement


  • We Research, We Design, We Produce
  • We work hard every day to provide good quality and on-time delivery
  • Our Brand specific teams create Brand specific solutions
  • Utilize our large knowhow / skillset to execute products; FPS (Full Package Service) ensures speed and price

We partner with our partners to increase their margins!

“Why do I need a strategic partner?”

Speed + reliability + sustainability + stability + flexibility + margin + solutions + support + knowledge